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Product the new culture of packages !
Shikishima Sangyo Co.,Ltd. began earlier than any other company to manufacture the tailor bags and the nonwoven bags in Japan.
Recently, we are set out the packaging and the promotional merchandise of a wide type of business such as food.
We piled the research of the package for years, and obtained the technology at a high level.
We aim to reduce expenses.


Shikishima Sangyo Co.,Ltd. has its own sewing factory.

Our products keep high quality because we have been particular about cut,stich and packing.


We are abundantly stocking the stable items.
The stable items can be basically shipped on the same day.


We are selling not only the cotton bags, the nonwoven bags,

the polyester bags,

and the promotional merchandises but also the patent products.


We have cut or reduce costs thoroughly.
Our company runs it in a state without a debt all the time.


In our factory, a lot of recyclable materials are used for products.
We are positively working on environmental problems.


■Standard・・・Small number of bags can be sold

Nonwoven bag  Laminated nonwoven bag  Nonwoven drawstring bag 

Nonwoven shoulder-bag Nonwoven thin-bag  Tailor bag  Face cover 

A variety of nylon products Paper bag  Clothes hanger etc.

■Original Order Made・・・Original Equipment Manufacturer

Nonwoven bag Laminated nonwoven bag Nonwoven drawstring bag

Nonwoven shoulder-bag Tailor bag Bamboo-nonwoven bag

A variety of nylon products Cotton bag Felt bag PVC bag

Synthetic bag ECO bag Vinyl sheet Paper bag Thin paper

OPP/IPP products Making of Direct mail Calendar A round fan

Clothes hanger Notebook Mechanical pencil Ballpoint pen

Mobile phone strap Figurine Stickers etc.

Nonwoven bag